The revolutionary Modernist architect, Le Corbusier

Start Date12/06/2016
Close Date03/26/2017
VenueSeoul Art Center Hangaram Design Museum
ArtworksAbout 500 works of paintings, drawings, sculptures, models, floor plans, etc.

Le Corbusier, Seoul Special Exhibition as to celebrate UNESCO registration


In 2016, UNESCO named 17 projects in 7 countries as their list of World Heritage Sites and the projects were all designed by the revolutionary Modernist architect, Le Corbusier.

By designating Le Corbusier’s architectures, UNESCO acknowledged that he made a great contribution to world civilization and led globalization through modern architecture.

Therefore, in order to commemorate, this exhibition was specially organized with the most pieces of Le Corbusier’s works in the history. Among them, about 140 works were presented to the public for the first time.

Especailly, Le Corbusier’s last habitat, the Cabanon was authentically reconstructed at the exhibition space in Korea and so visitors could directly experience Le Corbusier’s architectural thoughts and philosophy.

This exhibition was officially supported by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as embassies of 7 countries and so this was the first domestic exhibition with great diplomatic meaning.